1. The attention of all office-based educators is drawn to the fact that Circular 17 of 14 March 2006, ("Leave Policy: Public Servants attached to Head office and EMDC's") is also applicable to office-based educators.
2. For ease of reference, the appropriate section of the circular states the following:

"In terms of paragraph 3.4 of the abovementioned directive, personnel members must take at least 10 workdays of their annual leave in the year of the leave cycle concerned, i.e. between January and December. Only in exceptional circumstances, and only as a result of operational requirements of the Department, will any deviation from this stipulation be allowed. The stipulation determines further that annual leave must, as far as possible, be taken over consecutive days. Should it not be possible for an office-based educator to utilise 10 days of his or her leave between January and December of a specific year, reasons will have to be provided with the utilisation of the leave in the first 6 months of the following year as to why it was not possible to utilise the leave within the year cycle."

3. Your co-operation with regard to the implementation and the notification of all educators regarding this policy, will be appreciated.

DATE: 2007:03:13