1. Attached is the timetable for the 2006 Senior Certificate Supplementary Examinations.
2. Every candidate who qualifies to write these examinations will be notified of this on his or her November 2005 Advice of Results. An entry form will be sent to the same address to which the candidate's Advice of Results was sent. If the form has not been received by Friday 06 January 2006, the candidate concerned must notify Mr C Louw of the Directorate: Examinations at telephone number (021) 467-2917 or fax number (021) 461- 5637.
3. The closing date for these entries is Friday 20 January 2006. Principals of schools and candidates are requested to adhere strictly to this date, as late entries will not be accepted.
4. Please note that the dates on which the six subjects which are examined by the national Department of Education (DoE), i.e. Accounting HG and SG, Biology HG and SG, English Second [First Additional] Language HG and SG, History HG and SG, Mathematics HG and SG and Physical Science HG and SG, are written are determined by DoE and are fixed, as are the dates on which five other subjects that are popular amongst candidates, i.e. Geography HG and SG, Business Economics HG and SG, Economics HG and SG, Agricultural Science HG and SG and Afrikaans Second Language HG and SG, are written.
5. Examination centres for the writing of the supplementary examinations will be established at secondary schools and other venues as determined by the Department. If a school is not available as a venue for the supplementary examination, the principal must notify his or her circuit manager by no later than 20 January 2006 so that an alternative venue can be arranged.
6. The chief invigilator must ensure that candidates enter the examination venue 25 minutes before the official starting time of the examination session. This time is to be used as follows:
6.1 The first 15 minutes must be used to settle the candidates in their correct seats, to distribute question papers, etc.
6.2 During the remaining 10 minutes candidates must read through the question paper.
7. No writing or making of notes may be allowed at any stage during this period of 25 minutes. An infringement of this rule will constitute an irregularity.
8. Candidates must finish writing at the time indicated on the examination timetable.
9. Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all candidates who wrote the November 2005 Senior Certificate Examination.

DATE: 2005:12:22

Final timetable: 2006 Senior Certificate Supplementary Examinations  (size: 30 KB)