1. You are referred to Circular 0074/1998 of 29 June 1998 and subsequent circulars in which the policy applicable to end-of-year functions and time-off for Christmas shopping was announced. In order to avoid any confusion amongst staff members as to what is expected and what is allowable or not allowable, the most important information is repeated for your convenience.
1.1 In addition to the concessions which are normally made at the end of each year with regard to shorter workdays just before Christmas and New Year, staff members will be allowed to attend one Christmas luncheon during the festive season. This luncheon may take any form, but may not commence earlier than the normal lunchtime break, namely 12:30. Staff members will, however, not be compelled to return to their offices after the luncheon.
1.2 No further requests in respect of time-off for Christmas shopping or attendance of other functions will be approved.
1.3 It is also essential that arrangements for functions be made in co-operation with the line managers (Director level) concerned.
1.4 All functions should take place during December 2005 to ensure that activities are not affected by interruptions any sooner than that.
2. It is important that the heads of directorates make the necessary arrangements to keep essential services going and that telephones be answered.
3. Please inform all staff under your control of the contents of this circular.

DATE: 2005:11:17