1. As there is a substantial overlap in the content of certain combinations of subjects offered for the Senior Certificate examinations, the Minister of Education has approved the following additional provisos which will be added to Report 550 (2001/08) with effect from January 2005:
1.1 A candidate may not offer
1.1.1 more than one of Mathematics HG/SG, Commercial Mathematics SG or Functional Mathematics SG
1.1.2 both Physical Science HG/SG and Functional Physical Science SG
1.1.3 more than one of Hotelkeeping and Catering SG, Hospitality Studies SG, Reception Studies SG or Restaurant Studies SG.
1.2 Dance Performance SG will be restricted to candidates offering Dance SG.
2. The above-mentioned provisos are applicable, regardless of whether the subject is offered as a seventh subject or not. If a candidate offers any of the combinations referred to above, the overlapping subject will not be printed on his/her Senior Certificate.
3. Heads of institutions which prepare candidates for Senior Certificate examinations are requested to check that none of their candidates offers any of the above-mentioned combinations or any of the combinations mentioned in Report 550.

DATE: 2005:01:21