1. Circular 0031/2005 has reference.
2. Schools are required to provide the number of learners and number of classes expected for each learning area in 2006 (paragraph 6 of 0031/2005).
2.1 A school’s total number of learners in Grade 6 for 2005 may be lower than normal. In order to ensure that there are sufficient textbooks for the largest cohort over the next three years, schools may base their figure for the anticipated number of learners and number of classes on the highest enrolment for Grade 4, Grade 5 or Grade 6 in 2005.
2.2 The number of learners and number of classes provided for this project must be verifiable against the 10th school day statistics supplied by the school to EMIS.
3. The submission date for the requisition form remains 1 August 2005. If a school’s requisition form is unlikely to reach the WCED by this date, the school may fax it to one of the following numbers: (021) 900 5168 or (021) 467 2620. However, if a school faxes its requisition, the original form must be posted immediately to the required address as specified in Circular 0031/2005.
4. The supply of a Language textbook applies to First Additional Language only.

DATE: 2005:07:26