1. Independent schools are aware of the fact that for many years they have been allowed to act as examination centres for the Senior Certificate examination as well as for other assessments such as grades 8 and 9. This has been done without formalising the relationship between the WCED and independent schools by means of a service contract. However, all national and provincial examination policies and regulations governing the Senior Certificate and assessments are applicable to independent schools. In this regard you are referred to the Policy on the Conduct of Senior Certificate Examinations as published in Government Gazette 26789 dated September 2004, clause 34 and Annexure F.
2. The proposed contract has been discussed with indepedent schools in February 2005 at a venue provided at the Western Cape College of Education in Kuils River. Although all independent schools were invited, only a small number attended. Representatives were each supplied with a copy of the proposed contract and were given the opportunity to discuss the implementation thereof. Please note that all provinces have been requested by the national department to enter into a contract with their independent schools. This will have to be done on an annual basis as contracts are only valid for a specific school year.
3. You are requested to study the attached contract and initial each page thereafter have it signed by the owner of the indepedent schools as well as the management of the independent schools, if different from the owner. Please keep a copy of the signed document for your own records and post the original document to the Director: Examinations, Grand Central Building, Room 512, Private Bag X9114, Cape Town, 8000.
4. If you have queries in this regard, you can contact the WCED at the telephone number indicated above.

DATE: 2005:06:22

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