1. Over time certain customs have developed which are now accepted as general practice in some components/institutions, but which cannot be justified and must be rectified with immediate effect. These malpractices include inter alia the following:
1.1 A staff member is ill, but works until approximately 10:00 on a specific day, and then leaves the workplace without completing a leave form for that day. It also happens that a person leaves the workplace shortly after 10:00 to attend to urgent private affairs but does not complete a leave form. The correct procedure in both these cases would be to fill in a leave form.
1.2 Some staff members take time off on pay day or when they receive their bonuses to do their banking or to go shopping. No authorisation exists for this practice. It is a malpractice that should cease immediately.
1.3 When a person renders voluntary uncontrolled overtime service, he or she cannot insist on remuneration or time off for the corresponding number of hours overtime. In the case of special projects, a prior agreement may, for example, be reached with staff members to be granted time off instead of remuneration. This must be a structured, written agreement. Somebody who renders voluntary overtime service, normally does it on account of a strong sense of responsibility and no claims can be made for some form of remuneration after the services have been rendered.
2. Malpractices of this nature may not be allowed. It is unacceptable and all supervisors are requested to strictly comply with their managerial responsibilities in this regard.
3. Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all the personnel under your control.

DATE: 2005:06:20