1. Attached are booklists for Afrikaans, English, Xhosa, Sotho and Tswana in the Further Education and Training (FET) band. These lists have been developed at national level for the implementation of the National Curriculum Statements in Grade 10 in 2006.
2. These national booklists include nationally recommended Grade 10 learning and teaching resource materials for each of the official languages at the levels of Home Language, First Additional Language and Second Additional Language. They include titles (including learner books and teacher guides) under the following categories for each language level: integrated language study, drama, folklore, the novel, poetry, short stories, youth novels and resource material.
3. Kindly note that the national booklists are meant as a guide to schools and that schools may continue to use their existing setwork books.
4. These national booklists are not to be confused with the provincial lists, circulated under Circular 0032/2005, which provide for the ordering of materials for integrated language studies (as well as for Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy and Physical Sciences) under a specially funded project.

DATE: 2005:06:14

Afrikaans Grade 10: List of titles  (size: 36 KB)
English Grade 10: List of titles  (size: 137 KB)
Isixhosa Grade 10: List of titles  (size: 24 KB)
Sesotho Grade 10: List of titles  (size: 42 KB)
Setswana Grade 10: List of titles  (size: 25 KB)