1. The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) is undertaking a special project to supply a textbook per learner for each of the following:
Languages: Home Language – integrated language textbook
Languages: First Additional Language – integrated language textbook
Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
Physical Sciences (only for those learners taking this subject)
2. This project supports the implementation of the Revised National Curriculum Statement (NCS) in Grade 10 in 2006, and in particular promotes effective learning and teaching in Languages, Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy and Physical Science. Schools were notified of this project in Curriculum Development Minute DCD/0022/2005.
3. A selection team consisting of departmental officials and teachers has screened the books using a range of criteria, including compliance with the NCS. Books must be selected from the attached lists. The WCED will not pay for books that are not selected from these lists.
Addendum A – Lists of books for specified subjects in Grade 10
Addendum B – Criteria used for selecting books for Grade 10 
Addendum C – Requisition form
4. While these books comply with the given criteria, the WCED has not selected these books as especially “recommended” books. The selection covers a range of different contexts and each school must therefore choose the textbooks that best suit the school’s own context.
5. To assist schools to make informed choices, the books on the lists will be available for viewing at the EMDC resource centres from early June. Publishers will also display their selected books at the Principals’ Conference on 11 June 2005 at North Link College and, when possible, at the NCS training programmes for Grade 10 in July. Principals and teachers are encouraged to make use of these opportunities to view the textbooks before making their choices.
6. Schools should make their selection for each subject and notify the WCED by completing the requisition form (Addendum C). This requisition form requires schools to do the following:
  • Choose 2 titles in order of preference (1st choice and 2nd choice) for each subject

  • Provide the number of learners expected for each subject in 2006

  • Provide the number of classes expected for each subject in 2006

  • Nominate a book supplier who will then be contracted by the WCED to effect delivery

7. The requisition form, Addendum C, must be returned by 1 August 2005 to the following address:
For attention: RL Africa or J Solomons
Directorate: Logistical Services
Special Project Grade 7 and 10 Textbooks
Western Cape Education Department
Private Bag X9114
8. Once the books have been supplied, they must be included in the school’s inventory and supplied to learners on the first day of school in 2006. Learners must be instructed on how to care for the books and a plan must be put in place for the retrieval of the books at the end of the year. WCED officials will be required to monitor the implementation of these requirements when they visit schools.
9. The WCED is pleased to provide these textbooks to schools and trusts that they will be well used to further the quality of learning and teaching in these key learning areas.

DATE: 2005:06:06

Annexure A - Lists of books for specified subject in Grade 10  (size: 28 KB)
Annexure B – Criteria used for selecting books for Grade 10  (size: 11 KB)
Annexure C – Requisition form  (size: 17 KB)