1. In terms of Section 37(1) of the South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act 84/1996) as amended (SASA), a governing body of a public school must establish a school fund and administer it in accordance with prescriptions issued by the Head of Department. These prescriptions are available in the form of a manual issued under cover of Circular 0039/2000 of 8 May 2000.
2. The attached document and appendixes replaces with immediate effect the guidelines and minimum requirements in respect of the issuing of official receipts as contained in Chapter C: Banking of the above-mentioned manual.
3. Should principals and chairpersons of governing bodies of the schools concerned require assistance regarding compliance with the above-mentioned prescriptions, they are advised to contact the school-based management team at their Education Management and Development Centre.
4. Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all persons concerned.

DATE: 2005:06:06

Guidelines and minimum requirements for receipts  (size: 28 KB)
Appendix A - Face-value Register  (size: 9 KB)
Appendix B - Distribution Register  (size: 11 KB)
Appendix C - Requisition for face-value forms  (size: 10 KB)
Appendix D - Receipt  (size: 5 KB)
Appendix E - Cancelled Receipt  (size: 11 KB)
Appendix F - Collection List  (size: 6 KB)
Appendix G - Collection List Register  (size: 11 KB)
Appendix H - Remittance Register  (size: 11 KB)
Appendix I - School Fund Register  (size: 11 KB)
Appendix J - Donation Register  (size: 11 KB)
Appendix K - Certificate of verification of receipt system  (size: 32 KB)
Appendix L - Section 18A Receipts  (size: 7 KB)
Appendix M - Section 18A Tax Certificate  (size: 30 KB)
Appendix N - Section 18A Annual submission of receipts  (size: 30 KB)