1. In terms of section 38(1)(d) of the Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (Act 1/1999) and paragraph 10.1 of the National Treasury Regulations, it is the responsibility of the accounting officer of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) to ensure that an appropriate acquisition and provision system is in place which is fair, transparent, competitive and cost effective. In addition a comprehensive and thorough record must also be kept in terms of Treasury authorisation of all A-class accountable items (e.g. tables, chairs, computers, photocopiers, fax machines and other labour-saving devices) that are in the possesion of the WCED.
2. A separate electronic inventory of all computer equipment at Head Office and each EMDC was compiled by the private service provider, Combined Systems. Each of the computer items (excluding keyboards and mouses which are regarded as consumable and can be replaced as the need arises) was labelled with a barcoded sticker which also indicates the office where it can be found. The aforementioned inventories are stored on the BAUD computer program. Any changes by way of movements, replacements, handing-overs, writing-offs, etc., of IT-items must be recorded on the inventory. Responsibility managers (i.e. directors at EMDCs and Head Office) are therefore requested to ensure that any changes on their IT inventories are reported monthly, before the 7th day of the new month, to the Asset Management Division (For attention: Mr DT Scholtz) at Head Office.
3. The Directorate: Logistical Services has also now created electronic inventories of furniture and equipment per office on Logis for the EMDCs and institutions linked to EMDCs and has adapted inventories for the responsibility managers at Head Office.
4. The following procedure must be followed to ensure that the inventories on Logis are kept up to date continually:
4.1 Responsibility managers are requested to appoint a person/persons (letter of appointment attached) who will be responsible for the asset management task of the directorate/subdirectorate/office. Such person(s) must be appointed in writing and his/her/their duties must also be given in writing (a duty sheet of the Asset Management Official is attached for your use). The names of the persons appointed must please be sent to Mr DT Scholtz at the following address before 3 June 2005:
Room 609 6th Floor
Grand Central Towers
Cape Town
4.2 All furniture and equipment must be purchased via Logis. At this stage, EMDCs do not have access to Logis and from 1 April 2005 all purchases must be made via Head Office, irrespective of the cost involved. Head Office will then automatically amend the inventories and send an updated inventory to EMDCs each quarter.
4.3 Responsibility managers must ensure that the correct inventory numbers of the office where the items will be utilised, appear on the requisition. Where more than one of the same item is ordered, responsibility managers must indicate where each of the items will be utilised.
4.4 When items are moved, the form (Application for movement of inventory items) attached as Annexure A, must be duly completed and signed and sent to the Asset Management Division (For attention: Mr DT Scholtz) at Head Office.
4.5 If there is a shortage of any item or any item is redundant/damaged, the relevant asset management division must be notified by means of the form (Reporting of surpluses and shortages) attached as Annexure B. The asset control official(s) will follow the necessary procedures and supply the duly completed and signed form to the Asset Management Division (For attention: Mr DT Scholtz) at Head Office. No unserviceable/unused item(s) may be left in the passage or close to lifts. In such cases notice of the redundancy must be given per requisition, accompanied by a completed PGWC 002 form, so that the item(s) concerned can be removed.
4.6 The amended inventories that are sent out quarterly by Head Office must be duly signed by the head of the office (directors at EMDCs and responsibility managers at Head Office) who are responsible for the furniture and equipment in the relevant office. The amended inventory must then be placed behind the door of the relevant office.
5. In order to enlighten officials responsible for asset management regarding their duties and tasks, a work session will be held at Head Office on Friday 10 June 2005. Further details in this regard will be forwarded to you at a later stage.
6. Responsibility managers are requested to inform all personnel of the content of this circular. Please note that the aforementioned information must be read in conjunction with Circular 0164/2002 of 20 December 2002 and Circular Minute LS/0005/2002 of 18 April 2002.
7. Any enquiries regarding the content of this circular may be directed to the following persons:
Mr D Scholtz  021 467 2799
Mr D Jacobs   021 467 2012

DATE: 2005:05:23

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