1. The Revised National Curriculum Statement in the Senior Phase will be phased in over the next three years, from 2006 to 2008.
2. The Learning Area: Arts and Culture has been designed to cater for both generalist learners and the specialist learners who may select arts subjects for FET. The learning area therefore provides not only “Generic” but also “Additional” assessment standards for Grades 8 and 9. The Arts and Culture Senior Phase Policy states the following:

"Although the General Education and Training Band essentially provides a general education for all learners, provision has been made in Grades 8 and 9 in Learning Outcome 1 for the learner who wishes to specialise in a particular art form. The learner can select Additional Assessment Standards in preparation for study in the Further Education and Training Band. These Additional Assessment Standards offer greater depth and a higher level of technical expertise." [Revised National Curriculum Statement Grades R – 9 (Schools) Policy: Arts and Culture, 2002:66]

3. To assist schools and teachers with interpreting and implementing these assessment standards, the following five learning programme exemplars have been designed:
I.   General Learning Pathway for generalist Arts and Culture teachers
II.  Dance Learning Pathway
III. Drama Learning Pathway
IV.  Music Learning Pathway
V.   Visual Art Learning Pathway

(Items II to V above are Specific Learning Pathways for preparation for the FET arts subjects.)

The General Learning Pathway Learning Programme Exemplars have been delivered to all schools with Grade 7 learners.

The Specific Learning Pathway Learning Programme Exemplars are available from the EMDCs on request.

4. All five learning pathways will cover the four learning outcomes and will ensure that all art forms are covered. In addition, specific learning pathways focus on skill and knowledge building in one particular art form so as to prepare learners for FET. All five learning pathways are curriculum compliant.
5. Schools that wish to offer specific learning pathways in Arts and Culture in Grades 8 and 9 are requested to apply to their EMDC’s Chief Curriculum Adviser for permission to do so.
6. Eligible schools will include high schools offering arts subjects in FET. The specific learning pathways should NOT be selected solely because a teacher is uncomfortable with the teaching of all four art forms.
7. Applications will be evaluated on the grounds of availability at the school of sufficient facilities, materials and teacher capacity.
8. Guidelines on time-tabling for specific learning pathways are provided in Section A of the Specific Learning Pathway Learning Programme Exemplars.

DATE: 2005:05:16