1. A list of circulars issued by the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) during the first quarter of 2005 is attached.
2. Circulars must be kept on record for as long as they are valid.
3. You are again reminded that as from 1 April 2003 circulars are being sent out only in e-mail format. Should circulars have attachments that cannot be sent via e-mail, hard copies will be made available. Schools which do not have e-mail facilities will still be provided with hard copies of circulars. Circulars are essential for the efficient functioning of the WCED and it is the duty of educators and officials to take note thereof.
4. Schools and officials are under an obligation to check their e-mail on a daily basis in order to remain aware of all circulars. The WCED will check whether schools receive and open the e-mail sent to them. Schools and officials must create folders on their computers for the storage of these circulars. When these folders are created, the naming convention "WCED circulars 2005" must be used. Circulars issued since the beginning of 2003 are also available on the WCED website WCED Online at http://wced.wcape.gov.za/circulars/index_circmins.html.
5. Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all concerned.
6. Your co-operation will be appreciated.

DATE: 2005:04:19

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