1. The Western Cape Education Department has revised its Preferential Procurement Policy in respect of the 80/20 preference points system for quotations obtained for the supply of goods and services via the Electronic Purchasing System (EPS). The following points system applies from 1 April 2005:
Price	: 80 points
HDI: 20 points
(People of Colour: 10 points;
Women Owned Equity: 5 points;
Disability: 5 points)
2. It is a pre-requisite of the Western Cape Provincial Government that all trading entities that wish to conduct business with the respective departments register on the Western Cape Suppliers Database in order to confirm that they comply with the legislation concerning preferential procurement. Service providers who are not registered on the Western Cape Suppliers Database forfeit their right to be awarded preferential points as their status has not been ratified.
3. The Education Management and Development Centres (EMDCs) are currently not linked to the EPS. Therefore, they will have to obtain written quotations and request bidders to claim for preference points on the attached Preference Points Claim Form (WCBD 6.1) for purchases of goods and services up to R10 000. This arrangement is applicable with immediate effect. The purchases referred to in this paragraph exclude equipment e.g. furniture, photocopiers, fax machines, etc. Requisitions for equipment must be submitted to Head Office for ordering.
4. The measures contained in Circular 0164/2002 of 20 December 2002 are hereby amended accordingly.
5. Your co-operation will be appreciated.

DATE: 2005:04:22