1. The examination guideline documents for the following subjects have been updated and will apply to the Senior Certificate Examinations of November 2005 to March 2008:
2. Hard copies of these examination guideline documents will be sent to schools currently offering these subjects. Should any other school need copies of these documents, Mr TJ Magwaca may be contacted at telephone 021 467 2626 or fax 021 467 2620.
3. Principals of schools and managers of community learning centres must note that it is imperative that Grade 12 learners be exposed to the format of the question papers concerned, as given in the guideline documents, before they write the Senior Certificate Examinations. However, it remains the policy of the Department that part-time candidates are not permitted to offer a subject with a practical component. (See Curriculum Minute 0021/2004)
4. Should candidates fail to comply with any of the required components for these subjects, their results will be incomplete and they will not obtain Senior Certificates.

DATE: 2005:01:12

Speech and Drama HG and SG  (size: 28 KB)
Electrician Work SG  (size: 101 KB)
Electronics SG  (size: 213 KB)
Technika Electrical HG and SG  (size: 152 KB)
Dance HG and SG  (size: 70 KB)