1. This circular replaces all previous circulars in the above regard.
2. While the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) recognises the right of its employees to pursue political careers, in terms of our country's constitution it is also committed to ensuring learners' right to a secure and undisturbed learning environment.
3. Educators are in a unique position as they can influence learners and parents. Should they stand as candidates in an election, they will be faced with a conflict of interests as on the one hand they must deliver education objectively and in a professional manner (free from political influences) and on the other hand they must promote the interests of the political party that they represent.
4. Furthermore, nominated candidates are expected to campaign on behalf of the political party that they represent. This could take them out of the classroom, or keep them from their extra-curricular obligations, which would disrupt teaching during the election period and would not be in the best interests of learners (especially those in Grade 12)
5. The legal framework, policy measures and conditions regulating the involvement of WCED Employees (Educators and Public Service Staff) in Local, Provincial and National Elections are dealt with as follows in the attached annexures:

Annexure A - Local Elections
Annexure B - Provincial Elections
Annexure C - National Elections

6. Heads of educational institutions and directors are requested to ensure that the contents of this circular are brought to the attention of all staff. Each person concerned must please be requested to sign the document as proof that he or she is familiar with its contents.

DATE: 2005:03:29

Annexure A - Local Elections  (size: 84 KB)
Annexure B - Provincial Elections  (size: 77 KB)
Annexure C - National Elections  (size: 74 KB)