1. The National Curriculum Statement (NCS) for Further Education and Training (FET) will be implemented in all Western Cape Education Department (WCED) public and other registered schools in January 2006.
2. The subject orientation dates of the FET National Curriculum Statement for teachers of Grades 10 to 12 are as follows (refer to Circular 0072/2004):
2.1 EMDCs North, South, East, Central and West Coast/Winelands - Monday 27 June to Friday 1 July 2005
2.2 EMDCs Breede River/Overberg and South Cape/Karoo - Monday 4 July to Friday 8 July 2005
3. Attached are the registration forms for completion by schools (see Annexure A for EMDCs North, South, East, Central and West Coast/Winelands; and Annexure B for EMDCs Breede River/Overberg and South Cape/Karoo). The electronic versions of the above-mentioned annexures must be opened as a Word document in landscape format.
4. Teachers must select a venue in accordance with their language preference. At certain venues the course will be offered in both Afrikaans and English.
5. Registration procedure
5.1 The registration form must be completed for each subject offered.
5.2 Although the registration form only makes provision for three teachers, principals must please add additional names - either in electronic format, or as a paper-based annexure.
5.3 The name of the EMDC concerned must be written in the last column.
5.4 The completed registration form, certified by the principal of the school in the space provided on page 1, must be submitted to the Chief Curriculum Adviser of the EMDC-district in which the school is situated by no later than 24 March 2005. Principals are earnestly requested to strictly adhere to this date.
5.5 As all logistical arrangements will be based on this registration, teachers may not change venues once they have registered.
6. Preparation for the subject orientation workshops
6.1 All schools will be receiving four sets of the FET NCS before the end of the first term. Unfortunately these subject statements are only available in English at this stage.
6.2 Teachers must have access to the FET NCS, as well as the subject guidelines referred to as the Subject Information Guidelines and the Subject Analysis of new Knowledge, Skills, Methodology, IT and Assessment before training in preparation for the orientation workshops.
6.3 The above documents must be brought to the subject orientation workshops.
7. The following subjects will be offered from 26 to 30 September 2005 at further workshops: Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil Engineering, Graphics and Design Technology subjects, Religion Studies, Tourism, Mathematical Literacy, all Agricultural subjects, CAT and Economics.
8. A circular in respect of travel arrangements and procedures for claims will be sent out during the second term.
9. Should you require further information, you may contact the Chief Curriculum Adviser at the EMDC, or the WCED FET provincial co-ordinator, Mr T Smit, at 021 467 2630/2585 or e-mail tcessmit@pgwc.gov.za .
10. Principals' co-operation will be sincerely appreciated.

DATE: 2005:03:18

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