1. This circular must be read in conjunction with Circular 25/2004 and Government Gazette 22615 of 27 August 2001  [size: 1 066 KB]  (source: http://www.info.gov.za/gazette/notices/2001/22615.pdf), in which details of Question Paper 3 for first (primary) languages are provided. Paper 3 is written only by part-time candidates.
2. During the past few years, chief examiners of Paper 3 in the first (primary) languages have complained that many part-time candidates are not being prepared for the 4th prescribed work which is examined in that paper. This has resulted in candidates losing a considerable number of marks.
3. Centre managers must ensure that the prescribed work for this Senior Certificate examination (see attached list of prescribed works) is properly covered during the learning programme.
4. Further information in this regard may be obtained from the following chief curriculum advisers:
EMDC                    EMDC official             Telephone (work)	
Breede River/Overberg   Dr B Wilson               (023) 348 4600	
Metropole Central       Mr M Kleinschmidt         (021) 659 4344	
Metropole East          Mr W Daniels              (021) 900 7000	
Metropole North         Mr G Figagi               (021) 938 3000 	
Metropole South         Mr G van Harte            (021) 370 2000	
South Cape/Karoo        Mr G van Schalkwyk        (044) 873 6128	
West Coast/Winelands    Mr P Boonzaaier           (021) 872 9288
5. Information may also be obtained from Mr T Smit at telephone (021) 467 2630 or e-mail tcessmit@pgwc.gov.za.
6. Please bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all concerned.

DATE: 2005:03:07

List of prescribed works  (size: 12 KB)