Directorate: Communication (DCO)

Director: Communication (DCO)
Bronagh Hammond
Tel: 021 467 2531/2
Fax: 021 461 3694
Address: Private Bag X9114, Cape Town 8000


To render departmental communication services.

  1. Render corporate communication services.
  2. Provide departmental client services.
Corporate Communications
To render corporate communication services.
  1. Render an editorial and media service.
  2. Render a language service.
  3. Render a marketing and management service.
Client Services
To provide departmental client services
  1. Manage a call centre.
  2. Manage a walk-in centre.
Editing & Media
To render an editorial and media service.
  1. Liaise with the media
  2. Render media monitoring services
  3. Identify and advise on contentious media
  4. Ensure effective WCED media coverage
  5. Arrange press conferences and media briefings
  6. Draft speeches, articles and presentations
  7. Promote and develop WCED internal and external communication e.g. newsletters, video's and multimedia
  8. Development and management of corporate publications e.g. annual report
  9. Develop and manage WCED website
Language Services
To render a language service.
  1. Translate documents (including examination papers) in all three official languages
  2. Provide a language advisory service e.g. plain language usage
  3. Supporting the implementation of WCED language policy
  4. Compile and maintain a database of educational terminology
Marketing & Events
To render marketing and events management services.
  1. Plan, develop and manage WCED corporate campaigns.
  2. Promote the WCED corporate identity.
  3. Identify and co-ordinate relevant advertising campaigns.
  4. Organise and coordinate functions, workshops, conferences, events, exhibitions, fairs and road shows.
  5. Develop and design promotional materials, corporate image items and information products such as publications, brochures, posters, pamphlets, marketing and promotional materials.
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